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Our Simple Funeral Option




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A simple way to say goodbye

We believe that the wishes of the person who has died, should always be honoured. A ‘Simple Funeral Option’ is a lower-cost alternative to a traditional funeral. Whilst we still maintain the same dignity and respect for the person who has passed away, this Simple Funeral Option is ideal for those who want a no fuss or no frills funeral, as well as keeping costs to a minimum.

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What’s Included In A ‘Simple Funeral Option?’

Our ‘Simple Funeral Option’ would cost around £1,800.00 - and would include the following:

Either Barry or John would meet with the next of kin to advise on the death registration process, as well as obtaining the appropriate signatures for the legal paperwork.

We would arrange a date and time for the unattended funeral to take place.

Conveyance of the deceased into our care, including dressing and preparation as required.

Provision of a Simple Coffin, suitable for both burial or cremation.
If cremation, we will arrange the delivery of the deceased’s ashes – or collection from our Funeral Home. The alternative would be to have the ashes of the deceased scattered within the Garden of Remembrance at the Crematorium.

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Helping you organise a simple funeral

Please feel at ease, to contact us to discuss our ‘Simple Funeral Option’. We are here to listen to your requirements and advise accordingly.

An outstanding reputation in Ayr and Patna

“Excellent attention to detail, and a fully professional service.”


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If a simple funeral is the right choice for your loved one, call B W Funeral Directors 24/7 for advice and support from our team.

Ayr: 01292 611148

Patna: 01292 531400

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